by retrospectimages, September 4, 2010

About The Loft

natural ligh san jose photo studio for rent


The Loft is a natural light studio space located in Santa Clara, CA. It is available for rent to creative professionals- photographers, hair/makeup artists, videographers, and other professionals- for use as a creative studio or meeting space. Located in an historic building near Santa Clara University, The Loft is available for rent by the hour/half day/full day on a per-use basis.

-Approximately 1100 square feet

-Bamboo hardwood floors

-Lots of natural light through large windows covered in sheers

-White walls to increase light reflection

-Meeting space with antique couches + coffee table

-Bedroom set for boudoir/maternity photography

-Antique vanity/large mirror for hair/makeup styling

-Changing area with wardrobe rack

-Restrooms-men/women’s communal shared with the building

-AC/heat unit

-iPod dock/charger


Rental rates are for a maximum of 6 people (including clients/photographers/assistants/children/etc) on the premises at one time. For larger groups please inquire.


(2 hour minimum)
Hourly: $70.00/hour
Half Day: $195.00
Full Day: $330.00


(half day minimum)
Half Day: $210.00
Full Day: $380.00


Rental times are available from 9am-6pm. Half Day rentals are offered at time slots of either 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm

The most even natural light occurs between 9am-2pm. In the morning the light is plentiful but is indirect and diffused. Around 2pm, the light is direct and does create window projections on the floor in front of the shooting space. Please plan accordingly.


Renters must adhere to the following rules unless written permission is obtained from the studio management team

Violation of Studio Rules will result in a $500 minimum charge and immediate termination of rental with no refund.


-Representative signing this contract must be present for the entire duration of rental
-Lock box code or keys may not be given to any other member in the Renter’s party
-No smoking whatsoever is allowed in the building or within 30ft of any entrance.
-Food and drink must stay in areas with hard floors, not in carpeted areas.
-No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription or illegal drugs.
-Children must be supervised at all times.
– Music is to be kept at reasonable levels and not contain vulgar or offensive lyrics.
-Renter and team/guests must keep volume to a respectful level- we are in a professional office building and have neighbors on all sides. IF MORE THAN TWO NOISE COMPLAINTS ARE RECEIVED BY OUR BUILDING MANAGER WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END YOUR RENTAL IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.
-No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances.
– No pets allowed without prior consent of a Company representative.
– Maximum of 6 people in Renter’s party, unless otherwise stated in contract terms


-Does the studio have WIFI?

Unfortunately we do not offer WIFI. The city of Santa Clara does put out a complimentary WIFI signal which can be picked up on occasion, but the signal is not reliable.

-Can I bring lighting equipment, backdrops, or other larger equipment?

Yes. You may bring whatever you need for your shoot, just ensure that you take proper precautions to ensure no damage is incurred to the studio.

-Is there an elevator?

We are located on the second story. There is unfortunately no elevator.

-What is the maximum number of people permitted?

Rental rates are based on a maximum of 6 people on the premises at once. For larger groups please inquire with your needs for availability/rates.

-Do you offer tours of the space?

In order to keep rental rates as low as possible, we do not offer tours of the studio as this can become quite time consuming with the number of inquiries we receive. Please view all photos on the website and view for additional photos.

-Do I need to be a professional to book the studio?

Renters must be professionals and hold a business general liability insurance policy or purchase a day policy. If you need to purchase a policy for the day, I recommend: Clients may not book the studio as it is available to rent for creative professionals only. If you are a client you must have your photographer book.